What Matters to Matt

Empower Local Businesses to Create Jobs

Matt understands that it is not the role of the government to create jobs; it is to foster an environment in which both new and existing companies can flourish. This means allowing our businesses and families to keep more of their hard-earned income by cutting taxes, reducing regulations that hinder job creation, and pushing back against job-killing federal mandates like Obamacare.

Rein in Spending to Balance the Budget

In good times and bad, families across Georgia gather around the kitchen table every year to balance their budget to make ends meet. But all too often, career politicians don’t follow the same practice to get the state’s fiscal house in order. Rather, they recklessly waste our hard earned tax dollars and when they run out, they raise our taxes to cover new spending. This must end. Matt will hold politicians in Atlanta accountable to balancing the budget without relying on one-time pots of money and get Georgia back on a path to prosperity.

Pushback Against an Overreaching Federal Government

Under President Obama, the federal government has grown too large and is dangerously out-of-control. Career politicians and unelected bureaucrats trample the Constitutional division of powers to impose onerous rules and failed laws on the American people. Matt will aggressively reassert state’s rights in Georgia by fighting the expansion of Obamacare, freeing students from Common Core, and stopping new water regulations imposed by an EPA that has run amok.

Adhere to Our Founding Principles and Georgia Values

When enlisting in the United States Navy, Matt raised his right hand and swore to defend the Constitution of our great nation, and he is prepared to uphold that oath in the State Senate. A lifelong Georgian, Matt will fight to protect the values Georgian’s hold dear. Not only will he defend our 2nd Amendment rights from anti-gun regulations, but he will work to enhance those rights. As the father of two boys, Matt believes in the sanctity of life, and will always stand up for the unborn by working to end the moral scourge that is abortion.